4 Mt Eliza Way

location: Melbourne | size: 120m2 | status:idea


This is an extension of the private home in a residential neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia. The project is seen as an infill development and the design intent is to make better use of the private area behind the house. The proposed structure is bordering with a tennis court and covering the existing swimming pool. It is designed to provide space for entrainment, BBQ, lounge, etc throughout the year. Sliding glass panels are used to allow outdoor sensation inside the house. Although the project is clearly an extension, the new roof is designed as detached from the existing house. Rather than the enlargement of the existing object, it is observed  as an independent entity, fitting into the scale of the neighborhood. Read more


location: Ležimir | size:80m2 | status:ongoing


This is a timber platform of approximately 80m2 held by steel columns at the height of 3 meters above the ground. The platform provides for the views of the surrounding landscape, while its position and shape create two spaces of different characteristics and with distinct relations to the surroundings. “The convex” space bellow the structure is protected from the sun and rain; while “the concave” space above the deck is exposed to the weather and entirely oriented toward surrounding environment. The structure is not designed for the predetermined use but offers itself to several purposes. For instance, it could become an open-air classroom or a hang out spot in the nature. The shady room bellow and sunny deck above could be used differently and at different times of the day. Read more

Dimitrije Tucovic Plateau 2014

location: Belgrade | size: 1285m2 | status:idea
Dimitrije Tucovic Plateau

The new plateau will be formed in front of the National Bank of Serbia at the rim of Slavija Square in Belgrade. Currently devastated area will be converted into the public space where the monument of  Dimitrije Tucovic is to be relocated. The design intent is to create the sloping surface as an extension of the existing sidewalk  but also as a  roof of the car park belonging to the Bank. This way, the city gains much larger portion of public space while the National Bank of Serbia benefits from the  protected  parking area. The plateau  is structured as a meeting place. The area measuring  35x35m is subdivided into several zones with differing inclinations of the floor surface formed in response to pedestrian movement and providing several different ways of seeing the monument and the surroundings. The highest point of the new topography, located at the back of the slope,  is created by the stepping surface in the shape of the large seating fixture. The floor is paved with prefabricated concrete elements of different colors and textures while several timber platforms are introduced for seating. Read more


location: Vienna | size:34 740m2 | status:competition
29 ikona kanibalism

Cannibalism of course is a gruesome occurrence, whereby human or animal is eating one’s own species. In a completely different context of the present day, term “cannibalization” stands for a cunning marketing strategy whereby a company appears to be competing against itself but actually is increasing its share of the market. Typically, this is done with the launching of a new product which will harm all companies in the market, but more so other companies than the one who has launched it. In other words, the cannibalization in the marketing implies reduction of sales volume of one product as a result of the introduction of a new product by the same producer. Now, we would like to propose a transposition of the concept of cannibalization into the realm of architecture Read more


location: Kalmar,Sweden| size:127 ha| status:competition Untitled-1 In biology, camouflage denotes the ability of an organism to blend into its own environment in order to avoid detection by other organisms. It is widely known about the strong evolutionary importance of the living organisms’ ability to negotiate and conceal their own shape in often opposing conditions. Of more significance to our concept is that camouflage may be understood as a method of adaptation to the environment in addition to being one of the basic survival mechanisms in nature. Read more

ABC Route

location:Trstenik | size:2,5 km| status:competition idea

First Prize at the competition for a bicycle-pedestrian route that connects the city of Trstenik to the monastery complex Ljubostinja. Several stopping points /A-F/ are planned to be located along the route as small resting places each with a specific purpose. These new activities contribute to the activation of this path and the creation of a new recreational area for the city. Read more

Kopaonik Mountain Home

location: Kopaonik | size:120m2 | status:complete

home page

The Mountain Home at Kopaonik ski resource in Serbia is erected on the small plot sandwiched in-between two other buildings. Interestingly, two adjacent homes were designed and constructed independently but almost concurrently, with comparable budgets and according to similar requirements of their users. The proximity of neighbouring buildings is contrasted by the presence of the vast and empty space on the western edge of the plot. In response, the building is entirely oriented toward clearance. Its form is defined by the roof which provides a shield from the neighbours and frames far-reaching view across the slopes of the hilly landscape. Read more

Kiosk T

location: Belgrade | size:10m2 | status:competition idea

Second prize at the competition to design a modular kiosk for King Aleksandar’s Boulevard in Belgrade. In total there should be twenty instances of the new kiosk along one of the busiest street in the city. Our design places prominence on two elements of the kiosk: its canopy and its display. Together, horizontal and vertical component generate a letter T form. The idea is to create doubly oriented object, simultaneously perceived from both pedestrian and vehicular channels of movement. Read more

Supernatural Park

location: Belgrade | size:400m2 | status:complete

Like many other cities, Belgrade too is lacking green space. In particular it needs equipped and maintained green areas that are open to public. We have joined non-governmental organization Supernatural in an initiative to create a series of such spaces across the town. The first one is a small lot of land located next to the Kula Nebojsa and river Sava. Read more

Pediatric Clinic, East Africa

size:from27m2 | status:competition
home page

Responsive solutions in building industry are normally associated with high budgets. In contrast, this is a low-cost application of adaptable architecture. Proposed design is not site specific; it is configured to suite different surroundings and varied demands. For practical reasons, it is based on the use of a single component designed for infinite growth within a recursive geometric pattern. Read more

Dimitrije Tucovic Plateau 2016

location: Belgrade | size: 2950m2 | under construction

Slavija osnova AI3b

The new plateau will be formed in front of the National Bank of Serbia at the rim of Slavija Square in Belgrade. Currently devastated area will be converted into the public space where the monument of Dimitrije Tucovic is to be relocated. The area of 2950m2 is subdivided into several zones with differing inclinations of the floor surface in response to pedestrian movement and with an aim to provide different ways of seeing the monument and the surroundings. Read more


location: Novi Sad | size: 850m2 | status:competition

Shortlisted at the invited competition, the strategy is about connecting outdoor and indoor space belonging to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad. The aim is to create better connection between the museum and the city. The proposed architectural intervention allows for both informal and staged activities to unfold at the entrance lobby and the plateau in front of it. The resulting, architectural project consists of the three segments: Reconstruction of the plateau, construction of the new pavilion-like entrance, and adaptation of the existing lobby. Read more


location: Nürnberg | size:10 000m2 | status:competition
32PolygamyNurnberg Icon

It is widely known, Polygamy is a lifelong relationship which includes multiple partners, in contrast to more usual monogamy whereby the bond is being established exclusively between two parties. In social anthropology, polygamy is recognized as the practice of one making him or herself available to two or more spouses. In accordance, zoology recognizes polygamy as any form of multiple mating. In the present day world, polygamy Read more

Slavija Square

location: Belgrade | size:20 000m2 | status:competition

Second prize at the competition to redesign Slavija Square in Belgrade. The proposal aims to create a new public space at the busy traffic junction in Belgrade. The notions of movement and change are taken as two departing points of the study. The movement is related to the dynamics of numerous vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes which all intersect at Slavija Square. The change is related to the weather, most notably to rain or snow falls, but also manifested more subtly through oscillations of temperature, humidity and solar radiation. The proposed interventions consist of many elements, rather than a single and central gesture. Read more

Savamala Rooftops

location: Belgrade Savamala | size:n/a | status:idea


This is a design and build propsal for the social and economic development of the Upper Layer of Savamala, submitted for the invited competition under the initiative Urban Incubator: Belgrade, supported by the Goethe-Institut. In July 2012, our proposal was selected by the curatorial board amongst six other projects, which are now awaiting funding. The project will: identify, analyze and try to develop a series of roof top platforms for various uses. Read more


location: Belgrade | size:4m2 | status:complete

Some plants have burrs, prickly flowers with outer bracts ending in hooks. After the flower head dries, the hooked bracts will attach to humans and animals in order to transport the entire seed head. The interesting bit here is the connection between the flower and the environment which happens via tentacle-like bracts. Imagine now, related but quite a different situation, if these bracts may be informed to find the most suitable way to connect with the given environment and if their growth and anchoring would be a defining force behind the flower form. Any such form would then come into being as a result of the real-time adaptation process. Read more


location:Belgrade | size:1200m2 | status:completehome page
Change of use and refurbishment of the existing building on Belgrade riverfront is our first project complete. It was derelict when we started and our client wanted cloud-like impression form the new interior. We thought that existing structure from seventies was extraordinary and have focused on the ceiling to get new looks and reorganize existing space. Read more

Tara Mountain Home

location: Tara | size:121m2 | status:idea

home page

Another mountain home project revokes experiences gained from the house at Kopaonik, but adopts explicitly different strategy. Internal space is organized around centrally positioned core with structural, heating and ventilating purpose. The building is than oriented toward idyllic surroundings with its external walls and the roof seamlessly combined to form an energy efficient envelope. The owners are calling it Yurt home in reference to a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. Read more


furniture for Schlarafia | status:ongoing


Schlarafia are local manufactures of quality mattresses whose business has been around since 1934. This year they have decided to expand into the furniture commerce by establishing their own bed line. Their business plan is targeting international market and their product is bound to compete for high end customers. They have identified a successful design as an added value to this product and have entrusted this work to us. Read more

PolyCentric Ceiling

location:Belgrade | size:25m2 | status:complete
The project started as a competition entry for the Serbian Pavilion at 12th Venice Biennale of Architecture. Since then we have been developing the idea further and in May 2010, we have built the prototype as an amended version of PingPong at Mikser Design Expo in Belgrade. Read more

DDS Conversion

location: Belgrade | size: 6200m2 | under construction

DSS Conversion

Built in 1955 by the socialist state, “Dvorana Doma Sindikata” has always been one of the landmark buildings in Belgrade and home to many events influencing city’s cultural and entertainment life.The conversion focuses on the provision of indoor public space, including two cafes, two restaurants, media shop and children’s education and entertainment center in addition to the reconstruction of the main concert hall with the capacity of 1600 seats as well as 5 other smaller movie theaters. Read more


location: As, Norway | size:12 800m2 | status:competition

30 Kermis As Icon

In the Low Countries, Kermis (Kermesse) is a local annual outdoor fair or festival held in the honor of the patron or denoting the anniversary of the church foundation. Similar celebrations were regularly held in villages of many different cultures but have always been accompanied by the variety of activities such as feasting, dancing and sports of all kinds. Now, putting the regional specificity aside for the moment being, we would like to explore if almost extinct Medieval tradition established in one part of the Europe could be of any relevance in the present day context of Scandinavia; and if any such sporadically Read more

Soft to Hard Canopy

location: Belgrade | size:240m2 | status:idea

While majority of the exciting projects and current research in architecture goes from material to immaterial, from physical to digital, from solid to fluid, from mechanical to biological, from hard to soft, we explore the opposite route, leading us from Soft to Hard. In continuation with the research project at the University of Belgrade, we have developed a detailed and site specific proposal for a Canopy. The design s is highly adaptable and could be easily adjusted to any other locations while keeping its material, structural and organizational logic. The intent is to create a new public space as an environment within any existing context which may be in the need of restructuring or reactivating. We hope that proposed architectural gesture, besides providing for solar protection, could be the trigger for many different patterns of use. Read more

Mitsu Sushi Restaurant

location: Tivat | size:160m2 | status:complete

This is a project for a sushi restaurant and bar located on the coast at new build Tivat marina, Porto Montenegro. Space is conceived as a place of gathering and its use depends on the moode of its users. Throughout the day its use fluctuates from an exclusive restaurant and mainland living room intended for marina users, to a common, bar-like space with a typical summertime and holiday atmosphere. Read more

Snow City

study for London Festival of Architecture 2008

home pageDramatic temperature changes, sudden rainfall and rapid changes in pollutant levels  our cities climates are becoming more and more difficult to predict. Architects and planners are faced with increasingly complex and uncertain information when shaping tomorrows cities. Does this mean there should be a radical rethink of how we develop urban space? Introduction from the Dana Centre May 2008.

The landscape of Snow City is a representation of a world inundated with snow and reshaped accordingly. How might the world respond to various climatic conditions, and specifically to snow? In order to understand this premise, it is necessary to look to the natural environment and how geography is constantly transforming itself with the forces exerted in the course of seasonal and long-term changes. Read more

Coastal Housing Block

location:Adriatic | size:300units | status:ongoing

home page

Moved by two motives, desire to achieve very dense development* and the need to create socially sustainable environment, we looked at the historic model of urbanization found in the neighboring towns, whereby network of narrow streets and squares is laid out in conjunction with the topographic conditions to result with the diversity of public spaces and formidable proximity of individual dwellings individual . Read more

Sumatovacka Conversion

location:Belgrade | size 140m2 |status:complete

home page

A top floor flat of the existing building is expanded into the attic space. New roof form is an adaptation of the previously purpose free geometry. A top floor flat of the existing building is expanded into the attic space. New roof form is an adaptation of the previously purpose free geometry.A top floor flat of the existing building is expanded into the attic space. New roof form is an adaptation of the previously purpose free geometry.A top floor flat of the existing building is expanded into the attic space. New roof form is an adaptation of the previously purpose free geometry. Read more

Five Kindergartens

location:Belgrade | size:5350m2 | status:competition Honorable mention at the competition to design five kindergartens in Belgrade, organized by city authorities for development and investment. The challenge was to develop a proposal within the cost estimate not exceeding eight hundred euros per square meter, and the design confined to limited choice of materials and construction techniques set by the developer. Read more