Five Kindergartens

Published on February 18th, 2005

location:Belgrade | size:5350m2 | status:competition Honorable mention at the competition to design five kindergartens in Belgrade, organized by city authorities for development and investment. The challenge was to develop a proposal within the cost estimate not exceeding eight hundred euros per square meter, and the design confined to limited choice of materials and construction techniques set by the developer. We have proposed spatial organisation based on the central courtyard for kids playing, aiming to provide safe and pleasant outdoor space directly linked to the interior of the building. In addition we have proposed roof gardens, with supplementary playground space and various crops, aiming to combine children play and ecological education. Similarly we have exposed all means of the efficient energy use, hoping to raise further aspects of the environmental awareness. We have snatched wind cowls and heat exchangers patented at BedZed development and have made them part of the roof gardens.

credits///design: 4of7///Milutin Cerovic, Ivana Damjanovic, Kristna Arsic, Danilo Dangubic, Djordje Stojanovic