House on the River Drina

Published on May 23rd, 2011

location: Bajina Basta | size:12m2 | status:idea

In 1968 local kids have erected the first structure on this spot, like a retreat and without a building permit proper. Not only the natural setting is intriguing but also the fact that it sits on the river which now represents border between two countries, territory not belonging to either jurisdiction, sort of duty free zone. The structure was rebuilt several times since then. Whenever torrential rain and flood take the structure down, one of the original builders, Milija Mandic Gljiva, would build a new one. This year, rain and flood have done it again and for the seventh time, Mr. Mandic now in his sixties, has started preparing for the construction works. Here is the video of the structure just before it was demolished by flooded river and the video of the actual demolition moment. Having heard about the story, we have met up with him and have jointly developed a concept on how to build a structure from locally available materials and workforce which would be able to withstand torrential floods by letting water through its own interior. The idea is that structure would remain a bathing place and a local retreat with protection from sun and rain.

Proposed structure� letting water through the interior.

Plan and section of the new proposal with the axonometric scheme of the timber construction method.

credits///design: 4of7///Milutin Cerovic, Milija Mandic, Ivana Damjanovic, Stanislava Predojevic, Djordje Stojanovic