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Soft to Hard Canopy

location: Belgrade | size:240m2 | status:idea

While majority of the exciting projects and current research in architecture goes from material to immaterial, from physical to digital, from solid to fluid, from mechanical to biological, from hard to soft, we explore the opposite route, leading us from Soft to Hard. In continuation with the research project at the University of Belgrade, we have developed a detailed and site specific proposal for a Canopy. The design s is highly adaptable and could be easily adjusted to any other locations while keeping its material, structural and organizational logic. The intent is to create a new public space as an environment within any existing context which may be in the need of restructuring or reactivating. We hope that proposed architectural gesture, besides providing for solar protection, could be the trigger for many different patterns of use. Read more


location: Belgrade | size:4m2 | status:complete

Some plants have burrs, prickly flowers with outer bracts ending in hooks. After the flower head dries, the hooked bracts will attach to humans and animals in order to transport the entire seed head. The interesting bit here is the connection between the flower and the environment which happens via tentacle-like bracts. Imagine now, related but quite a different situation, if these bracts may be informed to find the most suitable way to connect with the given environment and if their growth and anchoring would be a defining force behind the flower form. Any such form would then come into being as a result of the real-time adaptation process. Read more

Workshop with Henkel at Mikser Design Expo 2011

Lokacija: expo garaža

Publika Miksera ima priliku da uživo posmatra ili u?estvuje u radionici pod nazivom “Ceresit Podalon” koja na nestandardan način demonstrira upotrebu Ceresit proizvoda, nezaobilaznih sastojaka svake kvalitetne gradnje. U organizaciji Arhitektonskog studija 4od7, uz pomo? studenata Arhitektonskog fakulteta u Beogradu u prostoru Expo garaže biće predstavljen eksperimentalni rad sa dve forme nestandardne geometrije. Prva pod radnim nazivom “Balon” je razapeta tekstilna struktura koja postaje element rasvete. Druga pod radnim nazivom “Pod” je objekat sa drvenom podkonstrukcijom i ispunom. Iz širokog spektra Ceresit proizvoda, za izradu instalacije biće korišćeni Thomsit R755 epoksidni prajmer, Ceresit CP1 hidroizolacija, Ceresit pur pena TS65, Ceresit lepak za drvo CT84, kao i Ceresit FT101.

Snow City

study for London Festival of Architecture 2008

home pageDramatic temperature changes, sudden rainfall and rapid changes in pollutant levels  our cities climates are becoming more and more difficult to predict. Architects and planners are faced with increasingly complex and uncertain information when shaping tomorrows cities. Does this mean there should be a radical rethink of how we develop urban space? Introduction from the Dana Centre May 2008.

The landscape of Snow City is a representation of a world inundated with snow and reshaped accordingly. How might the world respond to various climatic conditions, and specifically to snow? In order to understand this premise, it is necessary to look to the natural environment and how geography is constantly transforming itself with the forces exerted in the course of seasonal and long-term changes. Read more


furniture for Schlarafia | status:ongoing


Schlarafia are local manufactures of quality mattresses whose business has been around since 1934. This year they have decided to expand into the furniture commerce by establishing their own bed line. Their business plan is targeting international market and their product is bound to compete for high end customers. They have identified a successful design as an added value to this product and have entrusted this work to us. Read more

PolyCentric Ceiling

location:Belgrade | size:25m2 | status:complete
The project started as a competition entry for the Serbian Pavilion at 12th Venice Biennale of Architecture. Since then we have been developing the idea further and in May 2010, we have built the prototype as an amended version of PingPong at Mikser Design Expo in Belgrade. Read more