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Wellness Sky featured in “Architecture for Beauty & Wellness”

Architecture for Beauty & Wellness
Publisher:  [ES] Links

Author: Carles Broto
Hardback,  284x242mm,  300p,  507  colour illustrations,  130  bw illustrations
English edition
Publication date:  [08/14]

ISBN: 9788415123729  ISBN-13: 9788415123729

PRICES: Euro 49,00  [BE] / Euro 46,23[INT]

This volume uncovers some of contemporary architecture’s most relaxing and healing spaces. Whether health clubs, spas or beauty treatment centers, the projects featured all display immaculate design and detailing by some of today’s greatest architectural talents. Renowned international architects have contributed their finest works, documented with full color photographs, plans, sketches and detailed commentaries so that anyone with a passion for great design, whether or not they are professionals in the field, can appreciate and explore in depth this stunning selection of projects.

Soft2Hard Canopy in the book of Proceedings – Projectsof the 34th Annual Conference ACADIA 2014

ACADIA proceedings

ACADIA 2014 Design Agency: Projects of the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
Paperback – October 13, 2014
by David Gerber (Author, Editor), Alvin Huang (Author, Editor), Jose Sanchez (Author, Editor)

The Projects Catalogue of the ACADIA 2014: DESIGN AGENCY international conference contains jury-selected and curated research and practice projects of the 34th annual conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. Projects by researchers, practitioners, students and by the ACADIA partner organization Tex-Fab are included. DESIGN AGENCY brings together a spectrum of research and creative practice currently occurring within the ACADIA community. This combined research reflects new paradigms that are redefining contemporary architecture. Specialized computational design topics include cloud organization, big data, global project delivery, and new forms of collective intelligence in design, architecture, urbanism, fabrication and media arts. The event is supported by the combined research networks of the University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles and Southern California Institute of Architecture. ACADIA 2014: DESIGN AGENCY was held in Los Angeles, California at the USC School of Architecture on October 23-25, 2014.

Available from Amazon, paperback from $40.00

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Slavija Square in Media
Srbija | sreda 10.12.2014. | 15:32
Izvor: Tanjug
“Čim krene Stepa, napadamo Slaviju”
Beograd — Gradski menadžer Goran Vesić najavio je da će rekonstrukcija Autokomande početi sredinom januara naredne godine.
Srbija | sreda 10.09.2014. | 16:00
Slavija iz snova
Izvor: Politika
Kako će nakon rekonstrukcije izgledati Trg Slavija mogli su da saznaju svi koji su u sali opštine Vračar prisustvovali prezentaciji ovog velikog projekta.
Srbija | nedelja 1.06.2014. | 09:17
Vesić: Renoviranje Slavije od marta
Izvor: Studio B, Tanjug
Beograd — Rekonstrukcija beogradskog Trga Slavija trebalo bi da počne u proleće sledeće godine, izjavio je gradski menadžer Goran Vesić.

One of the four awarded proposals at the competition for the Redesign of the Slavija Square in Belgrade, January 2013, by 4of7.

Subsequent development of the design for Dimitije Tucovic Plateau, Commissioned by City of Belgrade Agency for Investments and Housing,  January 2014, by 4of7 and Re-act.

Soft2Hard Canopy

Peer reviewed research poster “Soft to Hard” accepted for ACADIA2014 conference “Design Agency”, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, October 23-25, 2014.

STHC persp

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Wellness sky in “Gym Design” by Artpower International Publishing Co.

Gym Design

Gym Design
ISBN: 978-7-5611-7692-4
Size: 245×290 mm
Page: 320

In this book Gym Design, we collect excellent Gym design projects and numerous high-quality cases from designers both at home and abroad. It fully displays the fitness space with rich elements and creative angles, offering the readers with the reason for pursuing fitness and then returning to the nature of life after book appreciating. At the same time, with all its high-quality cases, this book will also provide a good reference for the relevant designers.

4of7 projects featured at DaNS 73/74 December 2011/March 2012, Novi Sad

4of7 projects featured at DaNS 73/74 December 2011/March 2012, Novi Sad
text by Aleksandar Bede

DaNS 073 074_Page_1DaNS 073 074_Page_2DaNS 073 074_Page_3DaNS 073 074_Page_4DaNS 073 074_Page_5
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A10 #44 Mar/Apr 2012 reports on the competition for the Modular Kiosk in Blegrade

A10 Kiosk no 44

WellnessSky featured in the book “1000 x European Architecture”

Hardcover in Box
24 x 32 cm
1024 pages
5000 illustrations, plans and drawings
ISBN 978-3-03768-087-2

 125.00 | 89.95 | $ 125.00

DS interview in NIN Weekly

WellnessSky featured in the book ‘RE-use Architecture’

Edited by Chris van Uffelen, Braun Publishing

Ganzleinen mit Schutzumschlag
22,5 x 29,5 cm
408 Seiten
954 farbige Abbildungen
ISBN 978-3-03768-064-3
e 78,00 | CHF 109,00

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