4of7 projects featured at DaNS 73/74 December 2011/March 2012, Novi Sad

4of7 projects featured at DaNS 73/74 December 2011/March 2012, Novi Sad
text by Aleksandar Bede

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Kiosk T

location: Belgrade | size:10m2 | status:competition idea

Second prize at the competition to design a modular kiosk for King Aleksandar’s Boulevard in Belgrade. In total there should be twenty instances of the new kiosk along one of the busiest street in the city. Our design places prominence on two elements of the kiosk: its canopy and its display. Together, horizontal and vertical component generate a letter T form. The idea is to create doubly oriented object, simultaneously perceived from both pedestrian and vehicular channels of movement. Read more

2nd Prize at the Competition for the Kiosk in Belgrade


Exhibition Balkans Unlimited at Sofia Architecture Week 2011

Tara and Kopaonik Mountain Homes are featured at the exhibition Balkans Unlimited curated by Simon de Jong, Ljubo Georgiev and Hans Ibelings, 01.-06. November 2011


Kopaonik Mountain Home Concrete Works

Exhibition Moments in Architecture, Wiena


From 19 July until 11 November 2011

Belgrade Moments in Architecture. Editor Adolph Stiller. approx. 130 pages. Publisher: Mary&Salzmann, Salzburg 2011.

House on the River Drina

location: Bajina Basta | size:12m2 | status:idea

In 1968 local kids have erected the first structure on this spot, like a retreat and without a building permit proper. Not only the natural setting is intriguing but also the fact that it sits on the river which now represents border between two countries, territory not belonging to either jurisdiction, sort of duty free zone. The structure was rebuilt several times since then. Whenever torrential rain and flood take the structure down, one of the original builders, Milija Mandic Gljiva, would build a new one. Read more

Exhibition ‘New Praxis’ at BINA

Will be showing random segments of our work along with: raum, re:act, antipod and others. Exhibition opens on May 11th and lasts till May 24th, at Resavska 40b, Belgrade. http://www.bina.rs/

Award at the competition for five kindergartens in Belgrade


Faqra on Archdaily


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