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Kopaonik Mountain Home

Photographer Ana Kostic spent one week at Kopaonik Mountain Home recording appearance of the building through changing weather conditions

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Mountain Home at Kopaonik ski resource in Serbia, by 4of7 Architecture, is erected on the small plot sandwiched inbetween two other buildings. Interestingly, two adjacent homes were designed and constructed independently but almost concurrently, with comparable budgets and according to similar requirements of their users.

The proximity of neighbouring buildings is contrasted by the presence of the vast and empty space on the western edge of the plot. In response, the building is entirely oriented toward the clearance. Its form is defined by the roof which provides for a shield from the neighbours and frames far reaching view across the slopes of the hilly landscape.

The design intent is to create a house without external walls in reference to traditional mountain home typology of the region whereby the dominant portion of the building’s envelope belongs to the roof rather than the walls. A family of possible solutions has been studied to determine the optimal envelope which consists solely of the roof surface with the aperture in the form of the glass facade protected with timber louvers.

The building is split into two identical but mirrored halves, belonging to two separate units organized vertically across three levels. A massive wall positioned centrally in the interior provides for lateral stability of the entire timber structure. Another prominent feature of the house is the communal terrace conceived as a front platform resting on two oversized girders cantilevering into the void above the landscape.

More about the project http://4ofseven.com/75/

Wellness Sky featured in “Architecture for Beauty & Wellness”

Architecture for Beauty & Wellness
Publisher:  [ES] Links

Author: Carles Broto
Hardback,  284x242mm,  300p,  507  colour illustrations,  130  bw illustrations
English edition
Publication date:  [08/14]

ISBN: 9788415123729  ISBN-13: 9788415123729

PRICES: Euro 49,00  [BE] / Euro 46,23[INT]

This volume uncovers some of contemporary architecture’s most relaxing and healing spaces. Whether health clubs, spas or beauty treatment centers, the projects featured all display immaculate design and detailing by some of today’s greatest architectural talents. Renowned international architects have contributed their finest works, documented with full color photographs, plans, sketches and detailed commentaries so that anyone with a passion for great design, whether or not they are professionals in the field, can appreciate and explore in depth this stunning selection of projects.

Wellness sky in “Gym Design” by Artpower International Publishing Co.

Gym Design


Gym Design
ISBN: 978-7-5611-7692-4
Size: 245×290 mm
Page: 320

In this book Gym Design, we collect excellent Gym design projects and numerous high-quality cases from designers both at home and abroad. It fully displays the fitness space with rich elements and creative angles, offering the readers with the reason for pursuing fitness and then returning to the nature of life after book appreciating. At the same time, with all its high-quality cases, this book will also provide a good reference for the relevant designers.

Mitsu Sushi Restaurant

location: Tivat | size:160m2 | status:complete

This is a project for a sushi restaurant and bar located on the coast at new build Tivat marina, Porto Montenegro. Space is conceived as a place of gathering and its use depends on the moode of its users. Throughout the day its use fluctuates from an exclusive restaurant and mainland living room intended for marina users, to a common, bar-like space with a typical summertime and holiday atmosphere. Read more

Chandeliers installed at Mitsu -Tivat marina, Porto Montenegro

sushi lusteri

More about the project http://4ofseven.com/soul-kitchen/

Kopaonik Mountain Home Concrete Works

Supernatural Park

location: Belgrade | size:400m2 | status:complete

Like many other cities, Belgrade too is lacking green space. In particular it needs equipped and maintained green areas that are open to public. We have joined non-governmental organization Supernatural in an initiative to create a series of such spaces across the town. The first one is a small lot of land located next to the Kula Nebojsa and river Sava. Read more

Supernatural park opens to public

Located on the plateau next to Kula Nebojsa in Belgrade, measuring 20×20 meters, comprised of five benches and several hundred plants


location:Belgrade | size:1200m2 | status:completehome page
Change of use and refurbishment of the existing building on Belgrade riverfront is our first project complete. It was derelict when we started and our client wanted cloud-like impression form the new interior. We thought that existing structure from seventies was extraordinary and have focused on the ceiling to get new looks and reorganize existing space. Read more

Kopaonik Mountain Home

location: Kopaonik | size:120m2 | status:on site

home pageTraditionally, mountain homes in Kopaonik region are built around the same formula with a characteristic roof geometry. This project follows the same idea; roof planes are dominant while external walls are omitted altogether. Front facade is the glass screen oriented toward hilly landscape. Existing planning code and client’s preferences are translated into the design rules for relational modeling resulting with a number of possible configurations Read more

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