Supernatural Park

Published on May 23rd, 2011

location: Belgrade | size:400m2 | status:complete

Like many other cities, Belgrade too is lacking green space. In particular it needs equipped and maintained green areas that are open to public. We have joined non-governmental organization Supernatural in an initiative to create a series of such spaces across the town. The first one is a small lot of land located next to the Kula Nebojsa and river Sava.

The idea was to involve public and gather citizens who would bring a plant each to create a park within a day. Over the time the plan evolved with corporations chipping in to support the idea. Telenor, mobile operator, have acquiring large number of plants to be planted by their employees. Totaling number of plants grew over five hundred and benches, solar lights and homes for birds were included. The design is based on the idea that park should be created as a consequence of collective action. We have provided some framework concerning the choice of plants and creation of the central green area with circulation routes, but have relied on individual preference for the position of the plants.
The first day at Supernatural Park.

Design sequence: a. proposed topography b. land infill c. planting grid d. approximate plant disposition c. circulation and paths

Final plan for one day planting action.

Visual made for fund raising and promotion purposes.

Workshop drawings for the bench.

Workshop drawings for the bird’s house.

credits///design: 4of7///Milutin Cerovic, Dusan Stojanovic, Djordje Stojanovic