Savamala Rooftops

Published on October 10th, 2012

location: Belgrade Savamala | size:n/a | status:idea


This is a design and build propsal for the social and economic development of the Upper Layer of Savamala, submitted for the invited competition under the initiative Urban Incubator: Belgrade, supported by the Goethe-Institut. In July 2012, our proposal was selected by the curatorial board amongst six other projects, which are now awaiting funding. The project will: identify, analyze and try to develop a series of roof top platforms for various uses. On one hand project aims to create a new infrastructure for social cohesion, where people can meet and spend time. On the other, it seeks to create opportunities for the development of organisations and institutions with far reaching goals. For instance, a suitable roof top platform could turn into an Architectural Institute, an organisation which could take part in education and help in raising critical public and professional awareness of the ongoing urban development. It could foster a debate to explore routes for the more suitable development of the city.

The idea for the project comes from what has already happened at the roof terrace of the residential building that lies just opposite form the derelict site marked as the location for the Goethe-Institut pavilion and Urban Incubator initiative. Rather than adding another floor to the building for the commercial reasons, which is the most common scenario Belgrade, residents of this building have gathered around a different initiative with economic as well as social validity. They have build a scaffolding with a display which they rent for billboard advertising while roof top terrace is equipped with furniture, BBQ and plants to become a social space, a hang out place with a view of the Sava river.

credits///design: 4of7/// Milutin Cerovic, Milica Tasic, Djordje Stojanovic